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Makita RT0701C

Makita RT0701C

Makita RT0701C-1

What you need to know about routers woodworking

Makita RT0701C Wood routers are versatile tools that can be used for different types of work. fixed base and plunge routers are the two types available in the market. When buying routers that there are many things to consider and these include low vibration, the size of the clamp, the maximum bit capacity, engine power, smoothness and ease of use, quality of the accessory closure, ease of changing bits and providing a bit of speed control of large diameter.

Makita RT0701C The router is considered the most versatile power tool in the store. You can make use of this compact tool for cutting grooves and slots, the shape of decorative borders, make moldings, carved signs, billboards lining plastic laminate inlaid road and raised complex. In most operations router is the hand, but also mounted on the table for a specific job in the store.

There are several types of router styles, including immersion, D handled and manipulated dual control. routers have good speed controls quality variables that allows users to control the speed of the application. Makita RT0701C manage multiple arrangements facilitate the control of the machine in different configurations. The smallest and lightest available on the market that are easier to manipulate versions.

Bosch 1617EVSPK 12 Amp 2-1 / 4 horsepower and immersion fixed variable speed router base kit with 1/4 inch and 1/2-inch Tweezers

The new Bosch is an engineering unit kit and router base for fixed immersion. It is the best router on the market for professional carpenters. It has a powerful motor with soft start. Operation is smooth wooden handles and on the fixed base, which is easier to handle. You place it in a fixed mode or immersion that allows precise adjustment.

Features and Specifications

It includes a storage enclosure that has slots for drills, wrenches and other optional accessories. information about the extended security is provided in a well-written documentation. It is equipped with an adjustable dial to adjust the depth of cut.
electronic speed controllers can be easily adjusted and allows the router to start smoothly. The T key helps make easy depth adjustments when used with a fixed on a table base.
Box Kit includes essential step to start the elements and fixed base routers. This includes basic immersion fixed base, engine, ½ and ¼ inch clamp and key of the shaft 16 mm.


It is easy to use for fixed depth settings based and immersion. The ergonomic handle made of immersion, it is easy to handle. The router of the locking mechanism is correct, which helps to prevent slippage.


two separate buttons to change the drill is needed. Makita RT0701C a special adapter to use 3rd party collars that are necessary for many models dovetail necessary.

The Bosch 1617EVSPK is a solid machine and can be the ideal choice if the first router in your store. The storage box is good and can accommodate all the essentials. The router table has mounted a good choice if used with a lift.

RT0700CX3 Kit Makita 1-1 / 4 HP Router Compact

Makita has joined the ranks of the powerful routers that offer more useful for carpenters. Fixed base is comfortable to use and allows a height adjustment inaccurately. The roof base is easy to control. The soft to the zipper adjustment system allows users to configure the necessary adjustments based on the type of work that has been done.

Features and Specifications

Makita RT0701C Online has variable speed control that allows you to match the speed of the application. The body is ergonomically designed for better control and comfort. The high strength aluminum motor has been designed for durability.
The rapid locking system makes it convenient for installation and dismantling base, and depth settings. Makita RT0701C It is easy to read depth scales. The base can be easily removed, allowing users to install other bases.

Makita RT0701C

Makita RT0701C The electronic speed control maintains a constant speed even under load. The high visibility basic design has improved the performance and handling. Locks of the tree can be used for fast bit changes. Basic Tilt offers users the convenience of the road at different angles. removable plastic shield protects the user against any debris that is in the air.


Makita RT0701C The Makita is not large and powerful enough to handle large pieces that may be needed for complex moldings. Collecting dust is good, except that the bit is exposed. The roof of the base of the locking lever is a little short.

The Makita RT0700CX3 is a seat of powerful router and is considered a good option if you are starting to adjust. It looks good and has good features. It provides great value.

DWP611PK combined DEWALT 1.25 HP Max By Kit compact router with variable speed LED

The DEWALT DWP611PK is an incredible router kit available in the class of laminate trimmer. He is the only router that has a combo kit in this class. This ensures that you get both the accident and fixed in one package. It is a good piece of equipment to users who want to use it for various applications, including small cuts (bevel), rinse heavy trimming and profiling of wide edges. Under the transparent base provides clear visibility as you work. The versatile design of the router allows it to be used for jobs that do not require a complete router.

Makita RT0701C

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