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Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator

Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator

Garmin nüvi 55LM-1

How to buy Garmin GPS

Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator Making the decision to buy Garmin GPS can be difficult if you know how to simplify the process. The first decision to make is the type of GPS and in this article, we will reduce the type of GPS and looking for a portable GPS car.

There are many features on Garmin automotive GPS, but many of them are minor and should not absorb much of their attention. Select main features and specify your decision based on these key features.

Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator Usually, the first decision to buy Garmin GPS is how much money can I spend? Garmin GPS run from just over a hundred dollars to just over four hundred dollars. Set your maximum price limit and start looking to buy a Garmin GPS in your price range.

We will discuss the main features to consider in a Garmin car.

The most important feature is whether the GPS does not speak the name of the street where you turn. Otherwise, you have to take your eyes off the road to read the street names on the screen that is extremely dangerous. Pay a little more for a GPS that speaks street names.

Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator Consider the size of the screen. Garmin GPS makes your car in two sizes, 3.5-inch diagonal and a widescreen model is 4.3 inches. Consider paying the larger display for easy viewing of the screen.

I will not be able to use GPS for hands-free calls on your cell phone? If so, consider a GPS with Bluetooth® wireless technology. This feature will bump the price significantly.

You live in or near a big city? If so, you might want your GPS to receive traffic information or connect with MSN® Direct? Check if these services are offered in which lives and thinks a lot about these options. This will add to your purchase price.

You want to be able to hear your GPS via your car stereo? The FM transmitter allows you to do this. Often a GPS with this feature is also an MP3 player so you can listen to the MP3 output on the sound quality of your car radio.

The final decision to buy Garmin GPS is whether you want the GPS voice recognition to read the GPS it can be done verbally, and you should not take your eyes off the road to manually enter commands or directions. This improves safety in the use of a Garmin GPS. This feature is available only on more expensive models Garmin.

Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator

Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator Once you make these important decisions, minor decisions to consider as lane assist, lane assist with junction view, the battery life, including the cards fall into place.

For help in buying your GPS, see the resource information at the end of this article.

V. John W. Howe is an entrepreneur, author, inventor, patent holder, husband, father and grandfather. His degree in physics made him curious to know how things work and naturally he was fascinated with early GPS units and continued its development.

His website,, helps readers identify the best GPS units.

Garmin nüvi 55LM GPS Navigator

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